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Suggestion for better mod menu

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Hi everybody

I'm new to the forums here, I hope that's the right place for suggestions/requests for the next update.

By now I have subscribed to quite a number of mods, a moajority of them being character mods. As a result of this the mod menu has become very cluttered and slightly annoying to use the way it is now. It would be very helpful to have search and sort options (e.g. alphabetical, active/unactive, install date). And it would be great to have a third mod group character besides the existing server and client.

Just my two cents :)


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I disagree about the "character" group, because it has no sense (they still are server mod, it will only confuse people because they have a character mod but can't play their character on others server).

What could be done is a filter using the tag of the workshop, maybe ? So since the character filter already exists, you would be able to filter them easily.

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