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Hola, les agradeceria una peque;a ayuda a esta gran comunidad para ver si puedo encontrar alguna solucion a un inconveniente que tube al crear multi-server en DST, actualmente tengo 7 servidores corriendo (1Master 6slave) pero al momento de entrar al servidor solo se activaron 3 y los otros quedaron inactivos, quiera saber si hay algun comando o algun mod de apoyo para activar estas entradas a mis demas mundos. Tener en consideracion como se aprecia en la imagen que uso el mod SHARD CONFIGURATION.

Cualquier aporte sera agradecido.

Hello, I would appreciate a little help to this great community to see if I can find some solution to an inconvenience that I had when creating multi-server in DST, I currently have 7 servers running (1Master 6slave) but when entering the server only 3 were activated and the others were inactive, want to know if there is any command or some support mod to activate these entries to my other worlds. Take into consideration as seen in the image that I use the SHARD CONFIGURATION mod.

Any contribution will be appreciated.

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