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Needing Food

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Hello @InfluxWaver, welcome to the forums. The easiest meal to make is and has always been Meatballs using the Crockpot. 1 meat (monster OR morsel OR large meat) + 3 fillers (berries, butterflies, ice, etc) = Meatballs. On the other hand, if you don't mind getting spoiled on the many recipes the game offers, I highly recommend Rezecib's Food Guide (be warned if very spoilery). It's a very useful tool to help you figure out what you need for certain recipes (Recipe List Tab) AND EVEN what food you can make with the ingredients you currently have (Discovery Tab). Although it may look daunting to use at first, but if you get used to it, it's pretty awesome.

Before I forget, I recommend that making a Crockpot becomes a priority as soon as you've built a Science Machine. It's crucial for your survival.

Aside from meatballs, people also like to make Bacon & Eggs or Honey Ham. 

On that note, during the first few days I highly recommend you always pick berries and bird seeds, the amount of seeds you get can sustain you for a bit longer. Also don't over eat, always try and dance around 60%~75% of your hunger to make full use of every ingredient you have.

Butterflies are also a staple diet of players in new worlds. You can simply run up to them and punch them in the air when they spin around in place, you just got to wait for them to start doing their spin/dance before you run up. It's a bit tricky but it's doable, when your shadow overlaps with the butterfly hit Ctrl+F (attack neutral mobs, i.e. butterflies) and you'd get butterfly wings for fillers or even just eating as is (it heals HP for 8).

There's plenty more ways to get food, but I don't want to spoil too much of the game for you. The fun of the game is discovering things for yourself and figuring out solutions on your own. Personally, I'd love to be in your position to be able to discovering things all over again while playing. So enjoy it while it lasts.


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