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How should next update be

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Hey everyone !

Today I will talk about things that most of us want to see it changed as fast as I can.

Let's hope klei will see this topic and give pocket edition ANOTHER CHANCES

1)Crafting and Hud zoom

Biggest two mistakes that bothers everyone in the game.

When I click tools bar game shouldn't freeze itself.Instead of a giant Hud you guys can put a medium size one.Than there would be no reason to click on tools bar and select the same item to craft it everytime.

I still can not understand why the game auto zooms to my inventory when I move items a bit under the %50 of my screen.Why ?

2)Virtual Stick

Virtual stick lets me interract with things that under of it.Let's say there is a tree under the pad.When I try to move my character with this stick game act like I gave 2 commands.Examine it and move the character.It's the same for inventory.If I push a bit close to the inventory to move the stick it takes item.

3)More interactive options

Let's say I'm in the cave and in a really bad situation.I don't want to drag the light source all the way to my miner hat or Lantern.There could be refuel option.And there could be a planting option too.Why not ?

4)Moon bug on regular (non dlc) DS

5)Normal bees looks like killer bees time to time BUG

6)Magiluminescence can not get refueled with nightmare fuel

7) Item's rarely looks like they have %105 %107 etc durability

It would be awsome if you guys can post your problems under this topic too.Maybe they can not ignore this time.Game has huge potential with few updates.I hope they notice ^-^


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