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I believe there should be robots that can be created to do various jobs. This may be something that the devs can do in this update or the next. But here are some of the ideas that Klei can use. I have no problems using my designs or remaking the designs in any way or fashion. 

The Droid Building Tab and Droid Overlay - will allow access to build and monitor the robots that are created. It will also hold the Building stations and chargers for the robots

Droids - robots made by duplicants, they can be made into Droids that can accomplish various jobs. They can be upgraded and downgraded to suit any needs. All robots can be made with raw metal or metal and almost all robots can hover

Droid Base - the simplest robot made with 100 Metal, it will require 1kJ per cycle and provides a +5 Decor bonus for 3 tile area. It will interact will duplicants who are idle by playing rock, paper, scissors with a small claw

Storage Droid - it requires a Droid Base plus an additional 400 raw mineral to build a walking storage compactor with a vacuum. It will require 2kJ per cycle and provides a -15 decor but will collect all debris and deliver resources to building tasks and storage compactors. It doesn't hover but can use guards to slide up or down ladders/ fire pole

Abduction Droid - it will require 10 plastic and a Droid base to construct, will require 4kJ per cycle and provide a +5 Decor. It can pick up any creatures and deliver them to the desired location without a trap

Decontamination Droid - requires 400 metal, 50 bleach stone and a Droid base to construct, and requiring 2kJ per cycle and providing a -30 Decor, it will actively look for any contamination of germs, it will spray buildings, debris and duplicants, it will show no mercy to germs

Artist Droid - construction will require 300 Raw Metal and a Droid base, and requiem 1.75 1KJ per cycle and provide a +25 Decor. It has +10 Creativity and can chisel sculpture blocks and paint canvases, it will create obscure art that is pleasant to the eye

Builder Droid - construction will require 200 Metal and a Droid base, and also require 2kJ per cycle, it has +10 construction and will assist in building projects. Has no decor

Digger Droid - construction requiring 200 metal and a Droid base, it has +10 Digging and will assist in digging operations. Has no decor

Agriculture Droid - (no building plan available) it will take care of any growing plants by deliver water and fertilizer 

Droid Scrap - a random entity found when digging buried objects, it can be recycled into resources or it can be repaired to make a functional droid. Will require +5 or higher tinkering to successfully rebuilding it. Anything lower will cause an explosion that will destroy some surrounding tiles and hurt duplicants a lot. If successful, it will create an Ancient Droid with a Power Core which makes it not require to recharge. Found in the outer regions/biomes

Ancient Droids - old machines made anew, they have bidepal bodies and can do multiple jobs (2-3 is best idea) and do not require to recharge. Have a +20 Decor

Robot Building Station - will require 400 metal and 240J to use, it can create all droids

Recharge Station - will require 200 metal and 480J, it also has a -20 Decor. It can recharge robots but will take a while to do so 

Instant Recharge Station - requiring 400 metal and 960J, it also has a -50 Decor. It capable of recharging robots at a extremely fast pace, making for more time for the robots to work

Upgrade Station - (do not have building or use plan available) it can create upgrades that robots will use to help with use, such as Aquability, Skill Increase, and Energy Efficiency. 2 upgrades per robot (you can add more possible upgrades)

Cyborg trait - a duplicants trait, it will make duplicants require less food, air, and bio-break time. It will observable to see the trait as Duplicants has robotic parts on their body and their multi-tool is on/is their right arm



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7 hours ago, Bubby4940 said:

Wow long great idea Love the concept

Are droids like dupes specialized

The Cyborg trait for duplicants, what I'm thinking, is that duplicants will only intake half the oxygen that a non-diver's lung duplicant haas, and the calory usage/decrease rate will be half as well, so they'll only eat like every 2 days or something like that. In the future they'll have something special about them, but I'm not completely sure what it'll be.Cyborg Duplicants use half the air they need and the depletion of calories per cycle is halved

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