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Unofficial Mod

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I have so far scene no mods for ONI, so i tried to make one.

FYI for people who dont know ONI is made in unity.

so i spent some time try to inject a DLL. That was unsuccessful, due to it not running on the main thread.

So then i noticed that most of the DLLs that ONI uses are opensource, perfect for injection. I tried many different DLL. But after some time I found Newtonsoft.Json...   Its near perfect. So i  modified it so that it loads a DLL from the main game directory and executes a function.

And as you can see below. It was successful. 


Now i dont really know how to use unity, so i cant really make an actual mod.

Im going to upload the code to GitHub and when i do i will update this page with a link to it.

Please Note that this is not Intended by ONI developers or Newtonsoft.Json. Its also still a work in progress.

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wow this is the first ever mod i saw in ONI. I'm glad you made this. I was hoping for someone to make mods for this game just like Don't Starve. I've been searching for mods in ONI every month since i don't know how to do it or even know about codes and shiz. Thanks man this is grreaaat

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