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about ... hmm... let say "resource recycling"

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about unjustified loss of resources

it is remembered, Fremens of Dune had no shameful to use "body water" of other people for the tribe benefit.
why and in a game not to make it? besides it is possible not only to dry up bodies of the dead, but also to carbonate, having turned into fuel for coal generators.

ammm... yes! and ashes it is possible to collect in a ballot box and somewhere to store it. or maybe use as feriliser. 
in an asteroid not really there is a lot of place sufficient for cemeteries.
probably signing the contract [on use of their genetic copy in "outer colonies"], future duplikant realized such opportunity that death of their copy can happen and where they couldn't be buried simply because of the shortage of space.

human body is a ballon of water. 

the adult duplikant will give colonies after death about 50 l of water and about 10 kg of coal. and perhaps one portion of fertilizer. 
there can be it and not so much, but if at you in colony the pestilence - that has begun, it seems to me, at you will be much more water and coal. he-he... :)

yes, and I haven't noticed what sort gas is emitted from corpses? chlorine? or, perhaps, natural gas? 
it would be quite good to think up in a game a stretcher for carrying of corpses to and fro where it will be necessary. for example to make the room gas generator of natural gas :)


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2 minutes ago, Alpe12 said:


Poluted water would make more sense.
Every dupe weights 30kg, so the values should consider this.

yes, but also place on the floor (and - microbes - too love to live on the dead bodies). and dead bodies itself grant live dupes "memento mori" - emotional penalties.

dead need to dig it down but... space... precious space within the asteroid. resource what not adding.

dryer can helps :)  


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