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There aren't many stealth games out there. And most of them are not that good.Mark of the Ninja has a very nice advantage over here, among all those stealth-y games. This game is 2D, and uses this advantage to the full extent; you can see lights, night vision & vision trails, aswell as sound "circles". It doesn't have any complications that a 3D game would have, instead it provides you with more.Bla bla bla... one thing still really bugs me though.Dear Klei, if you develop another stealth game in the future, please add more interactions between the NPCs, guards so to speak. What I'm saying is, lets assume there are two guys chatting. I distract them somehow, and both look at the same direction. One of them tells the other to go check it out, which is more than any other stealth game that I've ever played. However, when you take care of the guy that stood there, and the other guy gets back, it's like everything is normal... Or, a guard is patrolling an area, and passes by a stationary guy / gets eye contact with another patrol. When they go missing, our guard is none the wiser.I mean 15 secs ago, you were chatting with someone, you got distracted and went to check it out, and when you get back, that person you were chatting with is gone. Or, as I've told, you saw a friendly, but then s/he went missing (so to speak). No radio, no yelling (yelling in order to provide information - like "I'm gonna get a drink"), no nothing. Why don't they get confused?Another thing that really bothers me is, stuff going back to normal after a "near miss". What I mean is, if they spot you, they go and check it out - which is good. But then they go back to normal. Why not get suspicious?I know maybe I'm asking for much. But for a stealth game, these are the top priority stuff in my opinion. In Mark of the Ninja, there are 4 states as far as I can tell; Normal, Distracted, Alarmed and Terrified. Why not "suspicious" and "confused" states aswell?If you get spotted, guard(s) in that area will get suspicious, their "FOV" could get wider and they could check hiding spots randomly. Or, if a guard gets confused, they'll look around a little bit, check in with other guards face to face, and they get suspicious all together in an area. And enough suspicious activity releases an alarm maybe.Don't get me wrong, these are not requests. Just some stuff to consider, maybe for a future project :)

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