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First of all- this game is awesome!

One of the best I played this year.

We had a long weekend with bad weather over here in NZ,

so I had some time to kill and searched for a nice game to play on steam.

Mark of the Ninja sounded interesting, but I was put off by the 2D sidescrolling

and the artstyle (dont like the look of Shank either).

I also was a bit worried about the difficulty and stealth aspect of the game...

So I had a look around the web and saw all these great reviews for the game.

Oh well, I thought, it is not too expensive and will be enough to kill some time.

I spend all weekend in the shadows as a ninja!

This game just sucked me in and I didnt realize the time fly past!

What I love especially about this game is that you can choose how you want to play.

You can go aggressive and kill everyone, or you can be all stealthy and not harming a fly.

I found that the all stealth non-lethal approach is a great extra challenge-

and I love the black devil outfit you can unlock for the all-stealth approach.:)

As for the reviews-

one thing they did get wrong.

The reviews on the web that I have seen talk about a play-time of 6-8 hours.

Well, I have already played 12h and only made it to level 5 so far (there is 8 levels

the web tellls me)!!!!

I have to admit I am a perfectionist, so I try to get it perfect and I will restart levels

or checkpoints if I make a mistake- just to get the highest score.

I also like to explore everything and see all the hidden secrets.

That's why it takes so long.

I wonder how people can rush through a great game like this in just 6-8 hours-

they definitely dont get as much value for their money. :p

I really really hope there will be some more content (more outfits/ weapons)

and/or DLC released Soon!

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Hey! Thanks for the kind words! Also, great to see you're taking your time with the game. People always ask us "how many hours of gameplay?!" And we just really can't answer. Some people beat it in 5-6 if they rush through it, others like yourself are 12 hours in at level 5!! We love hearing about the different ways people approach this game. Glad you're enjoying it!

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I am now playing for 25 hours (or so steam tells me) and I STILL HAVE NOT finished it!It is even longer than I expected- I thought it was only 8 levels.Now I am in level 10.This really is great value for money- trying out all the different playstyles and costumes.Honestly dont know how someone could rush through in 6 hours.

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