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Food, cooking and traps

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Additional recipes that include or are composed of seeds, like nutrient bars. Very high caloric value.

Currently player gradually accumulates high amount of seeds about mid-game, with no practical usage for them. That would solve that issue.

Allowing mixing multiple continuous recipes and continuous and single-make items. Like if there are more than one of continuous recipes selected, then station rotates thru them. If there are multiple selected, but enough ingredients for just one, then it just makes that one till more ingredients available for other recipes, then it puts them back on rotation again.

If there is continuous and after that multiple singular options selected, then station finishes one from continuous options, and then proceeds completing singular ones, as per order, till they all done and it returns back to continuous version.

Allow crafting creature traps from Reed Fiber, not just plastic. Reed fiber trap would have 50% to break upon capturing creature and when transported, creature would have 50% chance to escape every 10 tiles carried(high athletics reduces that chance by 2% per point of attribute).

Also, instead of cluttering building menu with more and more icons, instead combine all similar items into one category and allow to rotate between then thru press of a button. Like Select "Power", select "Manual Generator" and then just tap assigned key to circulate thru all other generators available. Similar to rotation option.

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