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Mid-end game ideas

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Somewhere on the map, in ruins area, an Ancient Computer is guaranteed to spawn. One per map. It cant be deconstructed.

First it has to be repaired with moderate amount and variety of rare resources.

Upon repair it opens up new research tab, with multiple options and relatively long tree. Every research task would cost 100+ points. To be operational computer will require 1 kW of power.

All ancient tech have 25% to fail once every cycle. With additional research and/or usage that percentage can be brought down to minimum 1%. Upon failure station is out of commission and must be repaired again.

Local teleport. Allows player to construct teleport pads anywhere(on solid ground). Size 2x3 First 2 teleport pads will require 30W of power each, each additional one increase that requirement by 5W(for every telepad, so 4 telepads will require 40W each). Each teleport has cooldown of 1 minute, as it recharges for next usage. That timer can be reduced, thru upgrades(separately for each telepad), with 5 sec increments, to minimum of 5 seconds. Dupe can teleport from any telepad to any telepad(both pads must be powered).

Advanced power plant. Initially power plant can produce only up to 1kW of power, depending on fuel. Can be fueled by any(or combination of) fuel source. Pump natural gas and load coal, everything goes. Size 4x6. Can be upgraded for efficiency and fuel consumption rate.

Converter. Allows transmutation of one material into another material. Costs would vary depending on material input and desired output. Requires 500W of power to operate. With upgrades can become more efficient, in terms of both resource consumption and time it takes to produce anything.  Size 3x2.

Box. Simple storage device that allows near unlimited storage space by creating a micro-universe, allowing to pile up essentially unlimited amount of resources into it. 1x1. 120W, must be powered. Problem is that if power is cut, then everything in storage may disappear. Reactivating would quadruple energy consumption for set duration based on initial amount of resources stored(more resources, longer drain), gradually remapping stuff location in micro-universe. Multiple Boxes can be connected to same micro-universe, but every new one will have to go thru remapping phase as well.

Sub-Space Teleport. End game station that would require multiple researches done for multiple components. Upon construction must be charged. Consumes up to 5kW of power, can be adjusted with slider(60min at full power). Less power equals longer charge time. Upon charging must be activated, with initial activation having 90% chance of power surge(basically teleport just loses all power) and 15% chance of failure(requiring repairs). Each next activation reduces surge chance by 10%(to minimum of 10%) and failure chance by 1%, as dupes master technology. Upon successful activation...game over, dupes enter teleport and God only knows what happens to them(could be multiple randomized endings, like ending up in spaghetti universe).

In addition to that somewhere on the map is a locker that contains Ancient Recording, that contains set of unknown coordinates, allowing for alternative ending. Instead of finishing game, dupes are transported into something like NG+, but with some changes, that may vary. Like reverse color world, low gravity world, surface world(basically map top is all oxygen, and some resources, needs and threats are replaced), medieval world, tech world(there is no living things here, everything is mechanical...including dupes, and everything rusts), upside down world(take care or lava will start dripping from ceilings) or many other variations.

Neural Vaccilator can be made multi-use and selective usage station with research. Must be powered up(60W) to be used multiple times. After each usage must be recharged(10 mins). Each dupe can get only one trait from it. In addition each dupe can attempt to remove a negative trait thru it(failure will simply reset it and will have moderate chance of injuring dupe and very low chance of outright killing poor schmuck).

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