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Hi, I was not sure about how to ask for a mod or if there is someone available to make one, if there is a topic for that please tell me to delete this

I was wondering if there is posible to create a mod that makes that critters gives you Sanity when they are around you, and at noons and the night, your sanity doesn't fall. It makes sense that getting a mascot would help with that because everyone enjoys having a pet around smiling to you and stuffs like that. I would like to know if there is someone willing to help me or if there is any mod that already does something like that

PD: I'm not a native english speaker, so sorry if my english sucks to much :c

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I will do such a mod :)

I thought about linking this to the traits:
Scrappy (fighting) : Gives owner (or all players around?) a small damage/armor bonus (not sure if is possible, but will try).
Crafty (craft things) : Gives owner (or all players around?) a speed bonus.
Peppy (playful) : Gives owner (or all players around?) a sanity bonus
Plump (well-fed) : Increases insulation (winter and summer) of owner (or all players around?)

I guess I will add mod setting if the effects should only apply to owner or to all players around. What should be default?

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50 minutes ago, Mr_Imagi said:

HI, hope you're doing fine :D

I just wanna report something. I think that the mod is not working, my damage or speed isn't really incresing :/ 

it should work.
Did you kept in mind that it depends on the trait of your critter?
It does nothing, if your critter has no trait ;) so it is still a bit challenging :)

Read here for information about traits:


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