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Finalized thoughts on the Forge

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I played 52 games of forge, for whatever that's worth. 4 victories. yeah, I know, low winrate. whatever. i know people who played about 90 and didn't win once, so......

anyways, now that i'm much more experienced I have a lot less to say but it's more refined and focused.

1) Webber is still a problem. I thought maybe i was wrong like with wickerbottom (who i used to think was underpowered but as i have learned is certainly not by any stretch) but webber has continued to prove awful. For example, a server with 5 wendy's and a wilson lasted until the turtle phase when the server crashed. we probably would have gone on a lot longer. Whereas a game with 6 webbers couldn't even make it past the third pig wave. Give him the ability to use melee weapons maybe, or buff the spiders, or make it more clear what he's supposed to do (runner? dps?) and he'll be okay.


2) the boarrior does this thing when he summons the last round of pigs where SOMETIMES he keeps clapping his weapons forever and you can just stand there and watch for hours in game and then SOMETIMES he immediately goes back to Killing and there's no distinction. i'd say it's a glitch but it happens too often to seem like it's not intentional, perhaps him snapping out of it is the glitch? I mean, in both situations no one hit him after he started. and sometimes it goes on forever, sometimes it doesn't.

3) Let spinning turtles be able to be petrified. Look, if i can somehow manage to actually use the 2 second timeframe it takes to petrify something and land a koopa-shelling turtle in it, they should be stunned. they fall asleep if they pass through the healing circle, but they don't get petrified. Just seemed inconsistent to me.

that's about it. most of my other complaints are now invalid. juggling items is still annoying but as i have learned it's basically super micro-managing and not required but makes things turn out better at the expense of your real life sanity. So, like stuff I do in regular don't starve that i'm not required to do but do anyways. 

that's all. Thanks for the content!

oh and one piece of feedback rather than a suggestion: the lootbox system is 13613068910396810396810936890458792164098106934 times better than the old one it's now back to. it actually felt like i was getting rewarded for playing, rather than only getting 4 crappy drops a week if i left the game open in another tab for 12+ hours. please bring that back and/or find a way to implement that into regular don't starve (playing the game gives you levels based on time lived/seasons passed/days survived/time played and you can earn loot boxes that way that give you regular content as well as icons and such? that''d literally make the game a billion times more rewarding to play instead of getting 4 pleated shirts a week for 2 years of your life and sighing as you look at how expensive your main's skin is on the marketplace.)

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