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Thronemaster Mod Concept (Will pay for it to be done)

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The basic premise of this mod will be there is one player who, by sitting on the nightmare throne, will have the power to aid or disrupt players in a Twitch Plays Together-esc  fashion. 



At the start of the world, a nightmare throne is randomly placed in the world.  Upon finding it, a player may choose to sit on it. He then becomes immortal, but he is bound to the throne., He may view other players, and every 3 days he can choose an option to give them. EX: Food, Make it winter for a day, freeze one player, spawn a hound, frog rain. ETC. Once he uses it, it goes on cooldown, and he becomes powerless, other than to watch.

The other players may craft a divining rod, which tracks the location of the throne. It can be used as a key to claim the throne for yourself, killing the current throne user and making yourself Thronemaster, and randomly teleporting the throne.


The other player, now as a ghost or respawned, is itemless, and must attempt to build a new divining rod or just simply survive with a new Thronemaster.

This would be a fun addition to a PVP world, as one player becomes a threat to all, but taking over binds you to that power as well. It would also mean you could try to make allies with the Thronemaster, as he can give you positive bonuses if you do.


If anyone has any idea on how this could be possible, let me know. I will pay for coding to be done, and I THINK assets are already in the game, as the throne and sitting animations are finished.


Add me if you want to discuss this,  payments for it or anything else {please talk to me im lonely): steamcommunity.com/id/shouldbeded 




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