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  1. I agree with you almost entirely! Very well said.
  2. Both the United States Government and the Chinese Government are actively spying and spreading propaganda intentionally. This is obviously the case. However, Tencent's "connection to the Chinese government" is largely based on unfounded claims. China is a State Capitalist country, not a communist country. What this means is that businesses, while technically private, are heavily monitored by the government. Tencent is not unique in this aspect."23% of their emploees are active members of Communist Party of China" is potentially misleading. I would like to see your source on this. China doesn't use the "democratic" system the USA uses, so most people are "members of the CCP" because that is the only primary "political group" that is available to join. I want to see your source on this to see if this means those people are members of the party with some amount of power, rather than just people who support a political group. Yes, China does use propaganda to keep themselves seen in the positive light by their citizens. So does the USA, and every other major imperialist country. Tencent themselves are not a "threat to the industry" or anything of the sort. This game is probably going to suck nuts, because it's a ftp mobile game. I don't like ftp mobile games. But this isn't the end of the world, and Klei didn't betray their fans. If it makes you feel better, at least they put some of the Tencent money they probably received into their 1 million donation to BLM, so at least that's a little comforting, right?
  3. To everyone going "This looks like a cheap chinese knock-off", it kinda is. This is a common thing recently, where a chinese publisher (usually tencent) offers to make a game more suitable to the chinese audience (As you may know, DST is pretty popular in China, so this offer would obviously seem like a good marketing move). This also allows a studio to not have to develop their content to the Chinese audience because they have their own variant. Something interesting, though, is this game will be releasing in the west as well. As you can see from the trailer, it's just Don't Starve mobile with abunch fo weird extra mechanics and characters attached on, basically a way to create a very different game using similar assets. Something similar can be seen with the PvZ2 China apps, though those are exclusive to China, so i'm curious to see how this operates.
  4. Ranger is also the worst class by a largin margin in DnD. In fact, ironically, the animal companion sub-class is considered the worst subclass in all of dnd. I don't really care about Walter at all but I thought it was funny you used the ranger as an example of why this trope works. Furthermore, Ranger in DnD doesn't mean "Someone who uses range." The best archery build is actually the arcane archer subclass for the Fighter, not the Ranger (excluding dumb multi-class builds that get complex AF.) And if you want to make the ranger effective you actually have to do Dual Wielding melee weapons rather than range. "Ranger" in this sense doesn't mean "attacks at range", it basically means Park ranger. Someone who lives out in the wilds and protects it, which puts ranger in this really awkward spot between druid, rogue, and fighter. It's a mess of a class. WoTC (the current owners and writers for DND) actually came out with a revised edition of the ranger because even they realized how they messed it up. Granted, it's kinda old now and it's never been published, always in playtesting, and the newer ranger subclasses (none of which focus on animal companions nor range) sorta fix the problems, but not all of them.
  5. Maxwell should not turn into a combat character, there is really no reason for him to be.
  6. You can easily look those things up and find out how the "first" of many things were invented. In general, new technology is discovered when advancements are made with existing technology. Video games came to be largely because of the massive amount of money put into researching computer technology, which came about around the cold war. The first person credited as inventing a video game was a physicist who worked on the atomic bomb. To say that people are just born with "talent and know how" is just entirely wrong. The people who invent things aren't born with extra knowledge of any subject, they obviously learn it from what we have documented from previous generations. Modern technology exists because money was put into experimenting with the tech of the previous era. Most inventions at this point aren't designed by some supergenius, but rather a team of researchers who use recorded knowledge and attempt to enhance our previously existing technology and create better versions. Typically, the goal of these teams is to create a more marketable product rather than just advance technology for the sake of it, but the idea is the same. Nobody just is born with the knowledge of how to make a video game, and talent is typically something learned than given at birth.
  7. Ironically, that comment was pretty confrontational. Albeit slightly indirectly
  8. Adding an easy-mode character wouldn't really help flatten the learning curve- it would just make newer players who tried him rely on his abilities to survive rather than learning general survival tactics.
  9. Wendy doesn't even fall under the concept of "innocent child", in fact her design is specifically to evoke this idea and then turn it on it's head. Wurt, Arguably Wormwood, and Webber all vaguely have this personality but all of them have things that make them unique beyond it. Wurt is at least a little more engaging because she's a fish monster and having her be innocent and into candy and storybooks seems like a funny idea to me. She also has personality beyond this concept. Webber has so much more to his character, especially the parts related to him being eaten by a spider that has fused with him. Wormwood... Well, I can 't stand wormwood's character but I don't even think he counts as "innocent child" off topic but is your name a reference to The Adventure Zone?
  10. Yes, congratulations, you have discovered that mythical monsters are often used as a (stupid) parallel for racism. Just because someone is hunted down because they are considered a freak does not make them not human. You're not arguing that he isn't actually human just that a bunch of fictional racists also think fictional people like him aren't.
  11. Therian meaning... the group of mammals including placentals and marsupials? Term for what, though? I don't understand what this is response to. Whatever it is, why are monotremes excluded
  12. Lycanthrope means someone who is a werewolf. It comes from a greek word meaning "wolf man." Certain fictional universes take that term and make it universal to werethings but inherently it means wolf man. That being said, i don't like the implication that if you are infected with a disease (which is how lycanthropy is most often explained) you are less human. "Mutants" I don't know anything about Underworld, but in the X-men universe, the mutants ARE humans, just humans with slightly altered genetics. Typically, both a lycanthrope and the mutants from X-men can breed with humans and create fertile offspring. That means they are the same species and thus, human, but with slight genetic alterations. Woodie IS human. Even though he is cursed, he is 100% a human being.