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Option to Vote Kick AFK's in Lobby

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CloverOcean    0

Out of the 10+ Games I've played so far, 2 have been trolled by someone joining a almost full team and then afk'ing in the lobby before picking a character. Another game just had someone go afk and then not return.

I think the Forge would greatly benefit from being able to vote kick players, who have not chosen a character - after 2 minutes of inactivity. 

In my experience with loading times and selecting characters in a team, the process takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes. Longer with newer players. So, I think 2 minutes would be a fair waiting time, to vote kick people who don't show any sign of activity. 


Thanks for reading,
<3 the Forge

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yea.. its really annoying that the whole lobby has to wait for one person. yesterday i waited about 10min and then left. 


maybe there should be more sounds to let people know that the lobby is full and pick a character. 

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