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Endless mode and more equipment


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I think after beating the Forge once you should be able to unlock an endless mode. The current "story mode" is fun, but it's clearly been balanced carefully. So if you guys wanted to add a new weapon, armor or enemy then it could easily upset that balance. After a while the current "story mode" gets stale and ends up just being grinding to get more chests. I think something like this would make the Forge a bit more enjoyable, and you guys could easily add new stuff without having to worry about balance too much.

But in an endless mode items could eventually cover the entire floor. So what I propose is that items in endless mode get a durability (an excessively large amount so it can usually be replaced) and any items left on the ground for X amount of time disappear. This way, if there was more equipment variety then people would need to actually mix things up now and then instead of relying on their favorite equipment all the time.

But seeing as this event is only going to be around for a limited time I can see why something like this would be unlikely to happen. Especially since the beta is ending soon.

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