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Suggestions after playing 25+ hours of The Forge

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Camera focus when you're dead.
It seems to switch from one player to another. It would be nice to be able to press space (or any other key) to cycle through players. I've had rare instances where the camera goes back and forth almost spazzing out because it doesnt know where to go

A broader and more practical view of inventory/items
Currently there are so many submenus that it's cumbersome to go through each one to check what you have. This is useful for when players have everything unlocked, but if you have just 1-2 items for each character can you imagine going through each of the 10 odd characters and then 5 submenus just to look at what item you unlocked?

Allowing group-only servers to ban griefers
Just like they have that option on their dedicated servers. So they can increase the quality of experience for all their DST players.

Low priority suggestions:

Server room admin
Just to cancel auto-start in cases where people a 6th player enters and accidentally picks a character without looking at the team composition. Currently this is manageable by one person holding back on selecting their character even though they've decided who they want

More statistics (whether included in the game result screen, or the log files)
Time spent alive
Number of primary hits (F attacks)
Primary hit damage
Highest total damage inflicted, and what item it was with

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