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Florid Postern Resource Renewal?

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The wiki claims the spawn portal regenerates resources around it every 30-60 seconds, if none are found.

This reportedly works within a 15x15 "tile radius" which I assume is the same measurement of pitchfork turf tiles. I don't have any way of knowing, but I assume the area is a proper diamond shape from the tiles and not a circular radius with actual physical distance from portal.


I walled off the entire 15x15 radius and removed all flint, grass, berries and saplings, to seemingly no effect. Does this feature exist on DST? It seems minimally documented on the wiki so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if I simply wasted my time/resources.


I have default everything, survival mode, online server mode, though usually I play local only. No idea what other variables could be a factor.


Another question is does it check/replenish each resource type or do *zero* resources have to be located to be regenerated?

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