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Looking for players for dedicated server

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I have signed up with a 6 player citadel server to host my Don't Starve Together world.  I may increase slots if the group becomes popular etc.

I am running a quite specific set of mods offering a more laid back gaming experience.  For a start each day cycle is 30 mins long but the seasons are shorter -  12 or 10 days each.  The reason I have done this is to encourage more night game play.  The longer days do allow you to get more done but sanity management plays a more important role than normal.

It is a lot easier to start during any season especially as you do get some starting items and equipment.  The effects of heat and cold have been tweaked down quite a lot so you won't perish so quickly.

The world is running the survival rule set so you will turn into a ghost and have to be revived as normal.  Florid Postern will not re-spawn you.  World does not reset if everyone dies or leaves.  

So if you're still interested sign up and see you in game.


Steam Group "Don't Starve Together Gaming"

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