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Modders wanted! I pay - you mod

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I've been trying to find \ modificate \ create an ideal character for myself since the first DLC for DS was released, and it all apeared to be a fruitless work. I'm no artist, I'm etrimely un-gifted when it comes to drawing, and I'm even more horrible at coding and\or understanding how a code works.

So after all the troubles I had that idea to actualy hire someone who knows how to mod and draw.

You are a modder? Send me an example of your talents, and we can work out the details. The character I want is nothing too fancy both in looks and skills, but I want him to be integrated seamlessly into the world of DST, meaning the apropriate style is a must. That's pretty much all the requirements.

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I'm pretty new at this, I made two mods for DST myself, but I don't go far in the complicated. I'm more of an artist but I am able to implement simple things in characters such as; stats, specific diets, food benefits, night vision, seasonal weaknesses... etc

I'm yet unable to make custom sounds and custom items, but I find my characters unique enough in their simplicity c: 

Trip character select.png


Deimos character select.png


Tell me what you think, as I understand my skills might not be enough, but I'm eager to learn and I like to make quality characters.

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