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  1. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    For some odd reason Warfarin ignores the effects of Wide FOV mod. While other custom characters have their map reveal radius and FOV increased, Warfarin keeps their old ones. Dunno why it is so, but it kinds of annoying. Is it the way it supposed to be, or is it a bug?
  2. Minari

    Before anyone asks again: 1) I don't have DST and I won't have it EVER. Partialy because I can't buy it from STEAM, generaly because I don't have any need in it 2) Because of it, I have NO IDEA of how to make mods for DST 3) So, if some of you want to make Minari DST compatible \ write him some castom dialogues \ change some artworks \ do-whatever-comes-to-your-head - then go ahead and do so. I don't care.
  3. Wicked in the Merms

    Weeeee! My favored lizard got updated! That's megacool, guys. Thanx!
  4. Up and Away

    Abysmal No, I haven't. But if it is about his speech, should Wes have the same problem? Because as far as I can understand the code - Warfarin uses the same "mute" action mechanics as Wes.
  5. Up and Away

    I'm playing as a custom character right now (Warfarin) and for some reason he can't talk to the man with the umbrella. The man appears, and when I hover the cursor over him it displays "RMB to Talk", but when I click - nothing changes, character just run closer to him and that's all =( Is it normal? Is there some way to fix it?
  6. Beatrice

    Now that's not funny at all. I'm not going to download something I have no idea what it is about. And alot of other people would thik the same way, I assure you. So take your time making a lovely screenshots. Also you definetly should remove cave restriction. What's fun to play a character, that missing half of the fun (if not more)?
  7. Friendly Slurper

    У тебя в коде каменты на русском Если твои, то ты часом не знаешь, как заставить эти штуки стоять смирно, а? Поначалу урчание и дразнилки языком забавны, но когда постоянно это слушаешь - задалбывает похуже гломмера
  8. Wilson's Big Snow House

    Cheating on the way))) Can you at least decrease the storage grid? You know, 108 cells... is for sure TOO much for about any prize.
  9. Minari

    It's true, I have "All well that Maxwel" version of the game and it works just fine.
  10. Minari

    It also worked for me. I'll upload next version soon.
  11. Minari

    Viledemonsoul if you how to do all this - go ahead. As I said, it is a FIRST TRY in modding and I'm a horrible scripter. And unfortunately noone wishes to help, so I'm here on my own, copying lines from here and there and see what happens. I'm not saying you "Go away" or anything like that, I'm just saying that I don't know how to do what you're requesting me to do. I can increase his hunger rate back to normal, thou...
  12. Minari

    Oh, so THAT'S the command! I tried to make him transparent, but each time I add new line - the game crashed == Thanx, I'll be sure to try it in new versions!
  13. Minari

    Version v1.3


    First try at modding, so don't smack me too hard, please ^w^ Ever wanted to play one of those creatures that hunt you when you're insane? Now you can. Once a servant of them, but not anymore, Minari now joins the fun. As he was banished from the realm of shadows for being a renegade, he can't now walk through any obstacles so easily and will be attacked by his once-fellows nightmares if met. Yet, he is stronger than any other character and is well-suited for long walks across the wasteland. *300 hunger with slower hunger-rate *100 health and sanity = easy to kill and to go back into realm of shadows *Nightvision *His name started with "M", as he is a renegade villain, just as Maxwel Unfortunaly has no custom dialogues, as I don't know english well enough to make jokes =(