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steam geyser

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1 hour ago, LeadfootSlim said:

Not sure, but one consideration is that geysers don't start spewing until you lay eyes on them. If you stumble across one before you have a chance to put it to use, consider building a reservoir and let it accumulate while you prepare the necessary pieces.


While it is good practice to have buffer of sorts, like to build my bases with rates as much as I can. So, if there´s 2 geysers spiting 4kg/s  I dont like to use more than that in a regular basis. Like the felling that of I leave them be, they could survive forever. And I mean food, water, oxygen, CO2 handling, waste, polluted water (U cant accumulate it forever, or filter it forever), temperature, power and so on. If I cant have something forever, I dont use it in the long run. Like sand, ie. 

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