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Need help creating the perks of my character

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Hey everyone, 

I'm tring to create a character for my own use on dont starve together, however, I know nothing about coding and I dont know how to code the perks of my character

Basically, my character is a geek who is obsessed with Star Wars, he has a lightsaber, and has some kind of mysterios hate towards hounds, so, my ideas of perks are the next:


A weapon with infinite uses which would deal less damage than a spear but would emit enough light to have him survive in the dark (no more than that).
He would deal extra damage to hounds and would take less damage from them. However the Sanity Drain when close to them would be much higher.

I would like the sword to be like a "Hound Energy Drainer" .  For each Hound Cory would kill, the Sword would gain extra damage. Imagine, the incial damage could be around 25, and it would get 0,25/0,5 per hound. The Idea is the item to be exclusive of Cory, so, like Woodie's Axe, no one would be able to use it.

Since the sword is made of light. It's supposed to fight the dark XD so I'd like him to get 0,5 sanity gain for each hit against shadow creautres.


Thanks for any future answer, if possible make a little explanation of the codes since I'm really a noob on that. All I know to do is the drawings for the character XD.

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