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  1. Btw x) I did my character to lose sanity faster nearby hounds but sometimes the game crashes, just in a specific situation. I have it written more detailed here: (last posts) if you don't mind to have a look x) I'm struggling cause i don't find the mistake
  2. Yes, My bad i forgot to refer about DST, Thanks for telling me that, but i did the change and the error stays. now the line looks like this: if GLOBAL.ThePlayer.prefab == "cory" thenBut it shows the same error. I tried both: ThePlayer and ThePlayer() @Finerlobster , @Mobbstar does any of you know what can it be?
  3. OPS! I knew it was to be in modmain but somehow i opened the character prefab instead xD, sorry for this and thanks for the help, that part of the character is working at 100% EDIT: BTW that code you gave me to increase the negative sanity nearby hounds... I think it is working, and I can open a server and enter with the character, but when I do this: I enter the server, go to an area nearby hounds, save the world. Then I try to open the game again. It crashes,but just if i try to save the server while i'm there, if i go to an area with hounds and then I leave and go far enough (is not too much) it's all ok. It says "atempt to index a nil value" And it says the error is in this line: if GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "YOUR CHARACTER NAME" then
  4. I'm new on this too, so about the size of the images sorry i can't help much. About the image edition: If you use just the template used, and you just edit the images, you won't crash the game exacly 'cause you are not creating an extra file so you're not in risk of crashing your game, since you don't have to do anything (or at least not much) in your spriter files.
  5. The files you have to rename by hand. What that is going to rename is ALL the parts that say "esctemplate" inside the files, mainly on modmain.lua, modinfo.lua, yourcharacter.lua and speech_yourcharacter.lua
  6. After that a person has already helped me, thank you anyways
  7. Gosh !! Wow man, thank you, I don't know what to say x) you did it all :/ I'm so gratefull, i've been in trouble trying to do it. Thanks !! EDIT1 I think fallout factor was crashing because it's supposed to work in limited items, since my sword doesnt have durability it crashed i guess that's what i understood from here but since i'm a noob it's just a guess and probably wrong xD
  8. Game crashes, it says that on this lines: AddPrefabPostInit("hound", HoundOnAttacked) AddPrefabPostInit("icehound", HoundOnAttacked) AddPrefabPostInit("firehound", HoundOnAttacked) the "AddPrefabPostInit" is not declared :/ i get confused when this kind of errors happens, do you know what can be wrong?
  9. Sorry but I just noticed now :/ The aura is working but the damage against hounds is not working :/ i don't know why.
  10. Yes you refered that before and somehow the problem was there i didn't check but i think that after make change i had to rebuild the anim file, cause the files before were different there when i opened the zip file. Thanks for the type of the image. I tough it would work resizing on spriter cause it worked when i did for the ground_myitem but seems like is not like that. Thank you mate it worked a lot! Btw one last favor if you don't mind x) (sorry). I would like to make my weapon glow at least enough for charlie do not atack (maybe as much as willow's lighter? or lower) I've tried to take some coding of the lighter file and the torch file but i think I didn't inser them well. Do you know how can I do this? One more time thank you ^^ One more time sorry x)
  11. I tried to make the changes that you described but it didn't work (i've checked I didn't find differences). So i swaped your file with mine since i suppose there are no changes apart from that so, Thank you anyways. I'm sure I'll spot what was wrong. URRRRRRR AWESOME ! EDIT: I'm trying to resize the image in the spriter file, but is not working, I save the file, and i recreates the anim file etc. but in game the weapon stays small as it was :/
  12. Thank you, here it is. I didn't yet any art for the character not even for the Item, cause for now i'm just focusing on the coding and stuff. So don't be astonished of some 'arts' there xD
  13. How did you actually fix it? I'm having the same problem :/ The item appears in the inventory and in the ground when dropped, but not when i'm supposed to be holding it.
  14. I also haven't my weapon visible, I have it in my inventory, but it stays invisible when dropped and when i'm holding it. However i have no crashed, It just stays invisible. I'm trying to use this topic to help me but the link you put there is not working :/
  15. Do you also know how can i increse the sanity lost while nearby hounds? i've been searching this on forum but i'm also not getting it very well. I didn't put it working yet.