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I would love it if my dupes woke up, pooped, showered and then ate, maybe a shower at the end of the day too.

I just hate how with the introduction of the atmo suits whenever a dupe take a one off, they are grimy. Then they shower. This causes some serious problems and lack of efficiency. A daily planner if you will.

Tanget: Could be unlocked in decor or in a new Dupe Resources department (DR). This tech could also allow dupes to resist stress, lessen their responses, and get over fears or inablilites (late game). I imagine a little classic therapist couch and another dupe would help them along.

Anybody play Prison Architech of any of the Escapists games? I'm not saying that this is a prison but come on dupes: TLDR: GET ALL YOUR NEEDS DONE IN THE FIRST 1/4 CYCLE!

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