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Sensor valve System.

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The proposal is the same as the current (barometric pressure, hydraulic pressure, temperature) switches that are present, but they differ in the control of non-communications.

This suggests adding additional Sensor (barometric pressure, hydraulic pressure, temperature) valve systems.

Finally, I thought that I would like to think about the addition of the regular valve, which I thought would suggest manually.
I think the passive valve won't hurt the content of the game.
Of course, it should be possible to install both gas piping and liquid piping.

Thank you for reading the long article.


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40 minutes ago, Oozinator said:

No sorry!

I'm sorry.
There was misunderstanding of text messages using Internet translation.

I have corrected the contents of the misunderstanding.
Think of the idea of a lot of ideas for the game, the suggestion of a sensor valve.


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