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Forge Ideas Thread [Skins & Items]

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Battleaxe or Warrior Lucy [One skin] - Woodie can craft a Battleaxe & chop with it for it to become a Warrior Lucy. Very simple!

Warrior Spear or Warrior's Battle Spear - Skin doubles as a Spear & Battle Spear skin. Also pretty simple, but these two lay the basis for the ideas.



New armours - Metallic/Clockwork, Leather(?), etc.

New weapons - New weapon "types" like Whips, Hammers, Axes, Spears, etc. with unique attack animations.


Possible weapon types: Whip, Staves, Hammer, Axe, Sword, Spear, Trident, Cane, Mace, Machete, Pickaxe, Cane, Spike

Possible elements: Shadow, Electricity, Fire, Water, Earth

Possible roles: DPS/Tank/Support (I decided Medic would be fairly null - It's a support with a medkit.)


Character ideas: [I tried to keep weapons fairly unique, future characters may infringe on existing ones and some may not be the best match.]

Wilson - Earth | Whip (fairly generic) (Support)

Willow - Fire | Staves [Seemed fire-y.] (Support)

Wolfgang - Fire | Hammer (Tank) [Was shown in Teaser]

Wendy - Water | Trident (DPS)

WX-78 - Electric | Mace (DPS)

Wickerbottom - Earth | Cane (Support) [Also uses Books]

Woodie - Earth | Axe (DPS)

Wes - Water | Fisticuffs (Support) [Designed to be relatively weak, but not useless. - Also uses Balloon items, such as Napsacks, Water Balloons or Generic Balloons, synergising especially well with Electric type characters.] 

Maxwell - Shadow | Sword (Tank) [Also uses Duelists]

Wigfrid - Fire | Spear (DPS)

Webber - Water | Spike (Support)

Winona - Electric | Pickaxe (Tank)


Walani - Water |

Warly - Fire |

Wilbur - Earth

Woodlegs - Water |

Charlie - Shadow |

Wagstaff - Shadow or Electric |


A small explanation on typing:

Shadow - An all-rounder type

Fire - High damage, low versatility. For fire to deal damage they must be kept relatively in the same area, hence the synergy. Ignites enemies. [Synergy with Earth]

Water - Low damage, sets up for somebody else to kill. Electric deals more damage to wet enemies, hence the synergy. Soaks enemies. [Synergy with Electric]

Electric - Medium-high damage when paired with wet characters. Relatively low otherwise. Electrifies enemies. [Synergy with Water]

Earth - Also primarily a support type, Earth is used to keep enemies from attacking/stunned/frozen in place. Hence, Whips & other stunning or long range items. Stops enemies. [Synergy with Fire]

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Looks like some neat ideas for whats coming! Obviously nothing is certain but it never hurts to share ideas and let the thought train run for a while am I right? I certainly like the idea of Woodie being a more earth based character and I wonder what exactly Klei has in mind going with this. Is it going to have some kind of elemental theme or is it going to be more simplistic and to the point? I can't tell but that's the beauty of speculation isn't it? 

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