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Looking For Friendly People

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I enjoy this game a ton, but my friends haven't been very willing to play. I'm just looking for some friends to play with, and can host.

I live on the East Coast.

I do use mods that I would prefer to be used, but not required if you don't like them: DsMMO; Global Positions; Extra Equip Slots; No More Respawn Penalty; Health Info; and Detailed Tooltips.

I would love to find some friendly people to play with! I'm not amazing skill wise, but I know a lot about the game!

Also, might have one friend of mine join depending on his mood haha.

Add me on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/kitkattely/ 


p.s I'm very shy, so don't be offended if I don't talk much haha. trust me, you'll enjoy the silence once I'm more comfortable talking.

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Just added you as friend, I'm also on the East Coast.   Very friendly.    I don't mind Mods but prefer not to have things like extra slots, no respawn penalty, etc. as they make the game too easy.    Not talking isn't an issue lol.

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