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[Need Help] Dual Harvesting

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Hey, I really enjoy playing Don't Starve Together but I just can't seem to find a modded character that I like. So, I've decided to create one, with absolutely no coding knowledge (what could go wrong?). Unsurprisingly, I failed. So I've came here to ask for help: Is it possible to give a character 25% chance to receive double items when harvesting (twigs, farms, grass, flowers, things like that)? If so, how?


Oh and, I forgot to mention. Since I have no coding experience, I'm editing the code of Devon the Hunter for DST (if that changes anything).

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local G = GLOBAL
--your character prefab
local CHARACTER = "wilson"
local CHANCE = 0.25

	if not G.TheWorld.ismastersim or 
		not prefab.components.pickable then return end
	local oldpick=prefab.components.pickable.onpickedfn
	prefab.components.pickable.onpickedfn=function(inst, picker, loot)
		if loot and picker.prefab==CHARACTER and math.random()<CHANCE then
			local newloot=G.SpawnPrefab(loot.prefab)
			if newloot then
				if newloot.components.inventoryitem then
					newloot.components.inventoryitem:InheritMoisture(G.TheWorld.state.wetness, G.TheWorld.state.iswet)
				if loot.components.stackable and loot.components.stackable.stacksize>1 then
				picker.components.inventory:GiveItem(newloot, nil, inst:GetPosition())
		if oldpick then oldpick(inst, picker, loot) end

	if not G.TheWorld.ismastersim then return end
	local OldHarvest=cmp.Harvest
	cmp.Harvest=function(self, harvester)
		local pos=self.inst:GetPosition()
		local _,product=OldHarvest(self, harvester)
		if product and harvester and harvester.prefab==CHARACTER and math.random()<CHANCE then
			local newproduct=G.SpawnPrefab(product.prefab)
			if newproduct then
				if newproduct.components.inventoryitem then
					newproduct.components.inventoryitem:InheritMoisture(G.TheWorld.state.wetness, G.TheWorld.state.iswet)
				harvester.components.inventory:GiveItem(newproduct, nil, pos)
		return true, product

place the code into modmain

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