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  1. Where is the language settings which is available in the beta version?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Since the creators of the original MOD is unable to reach, the fix is in the form of patch How to use: Replace the corresponding files in the mods folder.
  3. There will be only one prefab if they are stacked. You can check prefab.components.stackable.stacksize for number. BTW, I still don't get the idea of your code local items = {} for _, v in pairs(Ents) do if v.prefab and (v.components.inventoryitem == nil or v.components.inventoryitem.owner == nil) then if not items[v.prefab] then items[v.prefab]={} end table.insert(items[v.prefab],v) end end for k, v in pairs(items) do print(string.format("prefab: %s | count: %s", k, #v)) end
  4. It will be better to store them in a local table, otherwise you still need to do another Ents loop after counting. And counting table elements does not require loop, simply #tablename.
  5. But in your code, "v.components.inventoryitem ~= nil" means it can be put into the inventory and "v.components.inventoryitem.owner ~= nil" means it is inside some container or inventory. Count with some increment directly in the Ents loop? I don't get your idea.
  6. check inst.components.inventoryitem==nil or inst.components.inventoryitem.owner==nil ?
  7. Indeed, the problem is the optimizing module doesn't support indexed color, you need convert the last image (hair-3/hair_hat-3) into RGB color. like this
  8. See those debug information with backspace? Well, you can do that only when the world is open with client and have only overworld (i.e. the server is hosted by the client). Type c_select(TheWorld) and then press backspace. ---------- For server hosted by nullrenderer, to make those information display on client, you can only use talker or c_announce() with GetDebugString. They are not available on client itself.
  9. The folder names and file paths in your sprite project have been messed up completely. You should put all the image resources in the correct position when creating the project.
  10. Eusong have used exactly the DarkXero's code, so it is not the code's fault. The actual problem here is Spriter won't create a folder entry for images not included in the animation to specify the correct pivot point, so we have to do it manually. The bolded part is what you have to add. BTW, it is really inconvenient to test without the correct modmain and corresponding prefab, so please make the uploaded code able to run next time if you want to keep the rest part classified.
  11. Only for your character? inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aurafn=function(inst, observer) if observer.prefab=="your character" then return -TUNING.SANITYAURA_SMALL end return 0 end
  12. inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aura = -TUNING.SANITYAURA_SMALL All set!
  13. Do you mean that for the "sanityaura" component?
  14. All right, I can't replicate that for a new world either. It seems the mod change has been saved into the session file??? O_o, it makes no sense...