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Dedicated server failed to start

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I have been playing DST for awhile but yesterday when I was trying to resume my world, it says" Dedicated server failed to start. There was some sort of trouble starting the server, please try again". It appears that my world get back to day 1 and Roll back is "Day ???". Can anyone help me?? I attached my files here client_log.txt 


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According to your server_log your save file #136 got corrupted somehow.

[00:00:05]: Loading world: session/18DF7A483967F1AE/0000000136	
[00:00:05]: [string "scripts/saveindex.lua"]:281: Corrupt Save file [session/18DF7A483967F1AE/0000000136]

To fix this (If you still have your world data saved in the server folder or somewhere else as backup) you have to see if there are still non-corrupted files in your save. If so, try to delete the file number 136 and see if you can get it to work somehow. (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST THOUGH, JUST IN CASE!)

Edit: a corrupted server save file happened to me as well once, but I always did nightly backups, so I just grabbed the last one and it worked again.

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