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Make shadow duelists summoning cost increase to 3 fuel and a spear, (instead of 2 fuel and a spear), but give them 40% base armor.

If maxwell hits the duelists, it will still refund 1 fuel as it currently does. In pvp, other players attacking the duelists should bypass the armor and it will count as if they had 0% armor (they will be exactly as they are now stats wise for pvp, only slightly more expensive to cast). This cost increase represents a nerf of the sorts for pvp duelists, which is needed since they deal quite a bunch of damage to other players.

The cost increase in PVE is meant to balance the fact that they will be far more efficient with base armor, specially during the early game. The changes are meant to make them a decent sidekick during mid to lategame, adding up to 20% increased dps to maxwell if he's using a dark sword (they hit about once every 5 maxwell hits, 2 duelists attacking deal 68 damage, same as a dark sword) Simple change, not much coding needed, and they immediately become useful without being tanky or OP. I'd make a mod to show for public testing purposes but unfortunately I'm not good at modding.

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