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I'm new! (And Starving!)

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So I got the game and I'm absolutely loving it.I'm not too good at it just yet, however, haha.I have 2 questions for you guys:1.Anyone have any tips for a starving scientist?2.How big is the game world? From what I saw, not too big, but I could have been running around in circles.

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The world can be made up of 7 islands or so.Many tips- experiment. Explore enjoy and always have a good log suit on handy. Dont want to be caught under dressed for the occasion. Also explore forums- There are LOADS of hints, ideas and odd bits of fun.

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First priority in Don't Starve is a source of light. Without light, invisible things will kill you in the night. Period. No questions, no begging for mercy. You are dead if caught in the pitch black. On day one, prioritize the gathering of materials for fire. The fire pit is the most efficient, though it is unlikely you will be able to build it on day one. Try to get an axe and fell some trees so you can make a camp fire.Despite the namesake, priority number two is food. You can live on berries, carrots and similar "found food" with extreme effort, but you'll find yourself doing nothing else. Try to acquire meat as quickly as possible. Rabbits are quite easy to hunt once you figure them out (hint: traps are not necessarily most efficient) and once you have armor, beefalo will keep you going for a while.I fear more tips might spoil too much. Build from there and don't forget research. Some of the unlockable crafting recipes are quite good.

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How would I go from island to island? :o

One of the first things I do on a new island (including spawn) is find the sea and outline the border so you know how big it is. The entire world is composed of interconnected islands and they all seem to be (mostly) perfect circles. By exploring the perimeter, you will find all bridges to other islands. Fill in the middle when you have the chance.
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