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Exosuit Naming

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Is it too late to call the exosuits something else? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the idea that we can finally make environment suits for our dupes.  They address a ton of problems and I'm super happy this happened.

I have only one problem. By calling it an exosuit, we create a naming collision because now there's no good word for these things:


And try and tell me you don't want those things in ONI.  You can't. Everyone wants an environment suit which also increases carrying capacity. It's exactly what our miners and builders need, particularly when we're building bridges and projects far from home.

In all seriousness, I feel like "exosuit", like "exoskeleton" implies something rigid, with either armor, motor assist, or both. The item we're seeing in-game appears much more flexible and comfortable, more like a modern diving suit or hazmat suit.

Your thoughts?

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"Exo" means "outer", or "external", not "hard", that means "exosuit" is a suit that covers your outer body, yes, pretty much like hazmat suit. But maybe Klei is being creative and tried to make something different, pretty cool, though.

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