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Behind the scenes of the experiments


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Hi there Starvers My name is LadyDI am your resident imaginary scientist and I know some of you wonder at things so lets peek behind MY screen shall we?The process1. Pick subject area- My latest one was food!2. What is required? -Numbers for hunger and health for foods.3. List data for collection- In this case making a big ol table with all the foods on it and columns for health and food. Then doubling it so I can gather information on cooked and uncooked states.4. Get a method going- This case it wasn't very easy! I had to get hurt to get health data. So I will write another bit later on how to get hurt in don't starve! 5. Rinse and repeat- There is a lot of days where you are waiting for the right conditions to get the data you want or waiting on hunger or other things.6. Record it all and check it twice- Check that everything is written down7. Post it- I write it all up neatly and post it in the most amusing way I can think of!8 Revise- Oh you thought it was over? Nope. I have to go back over comments and things and change my data to match others discoveries/changes to the game etc.So I keep a nice scrawl pad next to my keyboard for recording the figures and other things. If I am making a character diary I need to note all the things I got up to in a day. Which can be hard! - I promised a how to get hurt part didn't I?Well I died twice during my food experiments.I tried to get the pigs to beat me up... they were really good at it!I went through a swamp but got distracted by some old pig remains i had missed... whoops. Dead now.Of course I couldn't wear a log suit- then I wouldn't get hurt.In the end I was chewing monster meat to get some health down. Then Sit and wait for my food to go down again!!!Questions?Theories?Other Experimentors what are your methods?

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I've only performed a small number of actually controlled experiments, but it's usually a pretty straight-forward process. First, pick a subject, second form a hypothesis, third decide the manner in which you will approach the experiment, fourth actually perform the experiment, and fifth replicate. You can't be sure unless you can repeat your results.Planning is key. I hate getting out in the field to find that I don't have a necessary tool or supplies. By the time I return to camp to retrieve them, I would usually have to spend the night. There's only so much time in a day!

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