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More buildings should require multiple materials and deodorizers

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So for the longest time, all buildings only required one material to build and I was assuming that devs were avoiding making any require more because perhaps the programming needed to make multiple materials in one building work wasn't in the game (such as how thermal conductivity works, also I'm not counting the hand sanitizer because bleach stone is basically its "fuel" and you need to keep refilling it).
Now we have the petroleum generator which requires metal and plastic and whether it was always possible to have building that are made of multiple materials or not, I think more buildings should require more than one material.
For example, planter boxes and farm tiles only require cultivable soil, but they should also require raw mineral. Hydroponic farm tiles only require raw metal but should also require cultivable soil. All buildings that need power should require at least some metal in my opinion (fridges for example only need raw mineral).
It would also be fitting if the comfy beds would require reed fiber and it would also give reed fiber another use, as it doesn't have any uses beyond making some clothing or suits at the moment.
There's probably more examples of buildings that could or should require multiple materials and there will probably also be more buildings that require plastic but not only plastic in the future (like the petroleum generator).
Also, this isn't related but I think it's not worth to make a new thread for it. I think deodorizers should require power. They're very easy and cheap to use at the moment and even if they just required some power, it would make it less easy to put them everywhere. I believe they are currently also the only buildings that look like they require power but don't actually do. I also think that it should be possible to flip them and put them on ceilings. I don't think it makes the game more challenging or interesting that a tiny building like them requires its own tile, it's just annoying. I wouldn't be surprised if it was originally only possible to place them on ceilings like it was revealed for air scrubbers to have been the case on a stream, expect for air scrubbers it makes sense to only allow placing them on the floor because CO2 sinks, while it would make sense for deodorizers to be attachable to the ceiling since polluted oxygen rises in oxygen.
Lastly, this has been mentioned a bunch of times and was probably just an oversight and not even intended, but air deodorizers shouldn't count as industrial machinery for the purpose of rooms.

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