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Some valves that don't open until they reach a certain back pressure or simply act as a timing valve - only opening or closing for a certain time interval would have the same effect in most cases.  ...this would allow batch pumping to different regions. Now that we're all over the place, timing things can be more important.

I've seen a lot of workarounds, a simple pressure relief valve is one thing - making loops and bridges and all kinds of things just to get a full packet of gas or liquid to go through the system is tedious and usually untimely..

I know that the gas  and water filter should do this, but they hang up mixed gasses of differing sizes and are really made for filtering as intended. Stopping a gas or liquid until it's the proper size, or stopping and starting flow at a given interval would be much more useful in advanced batch-like operation. This is really geared towards all the new oil related machinery and it's tendency to need ...tending and cool down.

Being able to turn a supply line on and off at interval is more about smooth operation - not having to rely on goings on of any wild critter, water level, ambient pressure...or other confounded and overly complicated system to get a simple time or volume oriented operation going is noteworthy.

Simplest case - irrigation. More complicated - building back pressure in pipes to provide continuous operation of a hydrogen generator whilst intentionally blocking the output of the natural gas generator as a means of power source alternation while batching petroleum during daylight hours.

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