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Communal beds / tables and some other thoughts

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It would be nice to be able to quickly build little outposts to facilitate exploration and mining. Rather than worrying about assigning and unassigning beds and mess tables as needed, an option to set them as 'communal' and available to any dupes nearby would be handy. When they need to, dupes will head for communal furniture if it's closer than their assigned furniture 

Alternatively, there could be specific communal furniture, like a bunk bed or picnic table, with fewer bonuses than using assigned furniture 

Adding a radius for objects like showers would also be very handy, for out of base movements, so dupes only think to use a shower if they are close to it

Finally, having a dupe pause a second after completing a dig/build job so tiles can update and flag themselves as being reachable would be a nice QoL improvement to prevent dupes haring off across the map when there is a job right under their nose

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