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1. I propose a 3 tile door, perhaps variants of the existing ones, the reason being, 2 tile horizontal doors are garbo, I have to carve out 1 tile extra from a latter, encase the recessed part of the door in fancy tiles, it just looks awful, it's not symmetrical, maddening.

Highly unlikely that I would carve an additional 2 tile birth from one latter, then making two latters so that the 2 tile horizontal door wouldn't be recessed, but then you've got a second set of latters not being useful, also uglier.

In most cases, I am forced to use vertical doors because it violates the laws of aesthetics to use 2 tile horizontal doors for my purposes, because they must be recessed into the wall, it also personally limits my creativity.

2. I propose a 1 tile horizontal hatch, no parts of the door would be recessed into the walls at all.

3. I think that 1 tile doors would have multiple applications, including managing liquids, a sort of run off drain or something. (I'm not talking about changing the mechanics of doors here, yet.)   (Now I am) creatures could use these 1 hatch doors if such a feature/permission were added to it to toggle, it could be used in a similar manner to a pet door. (No, I'm not asking that pet doors be added to standard doors or this door, it's a suggestion on adding a permission to the door for creatures similar to dupes, no additional animations would be required for creatures to go through it.)

Thank you for your consideration. :?

( I wasn't able to find anything under search, so my apologies if this has been proposed already. )


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