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Pixel, Fire, Sandstorm bug??

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So I started hosting a world. After doing some configurations and enabling some mods. I did use mods which had worked recently, on a different server with a seperate friend. My friend however, had a very weird problem I couldn't find any topic about, or anyone having problem with.

Her screen was filled with pixels that apparently got worse, and larger time to time, and sometimes they got smaller, and a bit less (though not much). This changed during a very small duration of time. She was also having a quite pixelated fire on her screen, constantly burning but not actually taking any damage whatsoever, so she wasn't actually put on fire. That's just what it was when she joined the game.

[Seperate Topic: For feedback, there's a little bug where a player can't move if they spawn in to someone's server too fast, after it is recently generated, reconnecting can fix it, but it is annoying time to time, it can also happen upon just joining the server]

(Couldn't get more than 1 picture, because we simply gave up the game play after.. It should tell u all u have to know however)


pixel fire.png

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