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Hello Klei

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Hello @BekoGeko, welcome to the forums. I recommend you try the methods mentioned in this Klei Article: Oxygen Not Included (Early Access) Troubleshooting Guide. There are some methods there that are particularly for Windows so skip those since you're on a Mac. What I recommend you try first is to verify the integrity of the game cache. If none of those methods work, head over to the Bug Tracker: Oxygen Not Included - [Early Access] and click the orange Add new bug button to post and in your post attach the following information and file. These would help determine what's wrong:

- Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your Mac, where the navigation/menu bar is located
- Click "About This Mac", a new window will open up
- Click on Overview Tab for your basic computer specs (including Processor, Memory, and Graphics Card)
- Provide our team with your Mac specs list

On Mac, you will find your log file in ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

For other future bugs/issues concerning ONI, please ONLY post them in the Bug Tracker: Bug Tracker: Oxygen Not Included - [Early Access].

I hope that helps, cheers.

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