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Don't Starve Together: Console Edition FAQ (Xbox One)


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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Don't Starve Together: Console Edition on Xbox One:





Do I need to own Don't Starve to play Don't Starve Together?
Don't Starve Together: Console Edition is a stand-alone multiplayer expansion to Don't Starve: Console Edition on the Xbox One. DST is a separate game from Don’t Starve, and you are not required to own one to play the other. 

How many players can join/play on a server? 
We are supporting six-player, client hosted servers.

How do I use text chat in-game?
Press the right thumbstick on your Xbox One controller to bring up the “Social Menu" tab and select the “Talk” or “Whisper” option. Or, while in the character select screen, press Square to use the chat screen.

How do I disable voice-chat for DST?
You will be able to disable voice chat through the Xbox One dashboard.

What is "Lag Compensation"?
In Don't Starve Together: Console Edition, we use movement prediction by default, which may cause a delay in the animation while performing actions and show you in a slightly different location than where players are on the server.
This can be turned off in the settings by toggling "Lag Compensation" to None, which will trade the prediction with input lag (players will have to wait for the server to confirm their action before it will start).

How do I kick/ban players from my hosted server?
In Gameplay, pressing down on the right thumbstick will bring up the Server menu and then the host needs to select "Player Listing", which will bring up a listing of all of the players in the server, along with buttons to allow them to "Kick" or "Ban" each of the individual players.

When I buy skins on my Xbox Live account, are other accounts able to access the items/skins on my console?
In-app purchases are account-bound and are not accessible on, nor tradable to other accounts.


Do both players on split-screen (online) require a Xbox Live membership?
If playing online, yes - both players will need to have an active Xbox Live Gold membership. However, players are able to play split-screen locally without either player requiring membership. 

How do we play in split screen?
In order to play split screen online, both players will need to be signed into an active Xbox Live Gold account on the Xbox One's dashboard. From there, start the game and when you get to Don't Starve Together's menu screen, press the "Menu" button on the second Xbox One controller to enable the second player for split-screen online.

Please note that signing in as a non Xbox Live Gold/membership account on the console will limit the game to be played offline for split-screen.

How does text chat work in split screen?
When one of the split-screen players brings up the Xbox One's virtual keyboard, neither player will be able to control their character while the chatting player is entering their chat message. 

Does voice chat work with split screen online?
Yes, Don’t Starve Together supports voice chat even when playing split-screen online.


Can I stream or make videos of Don't Starve Together? 
You sure can! We're pretty relaxed when it comes to YouTube and Streaming (Twitch, etc.) permissions. That being said, it would be super cool if things linked to the game page on the Xbox One Marketplace but it's not mandatory. 
You'll find more info about YouTube and Streaming video stuff in our player creation guidelines.

I found a bug in Don't Starve Together: Console Edition! Can you fix it?
If you think you've found a bug in Don't Starve Together, you should head over to our Bug Tracker and see if anyone else has had issue like your own. If yes, add to the discussion! If you can't find your issue, add a new one and we'll take a look at it as soon as we can.

How can I send you my save files for Xbox One DST bug reports?
Should you encounter an issue or bug while playing Don't Starve Together on Xbox One and need to report it to us, with Update 1.1.12 for Don't Starve Together on Xbox One, we have added a Bug Report tool that will provide us with a better look at your reported issue as well as access to a copy of the save file(s) affected. These help our team to do proper reproduction and testing on our systems.

Here's how to use the Bug Report Tool on Don't Starve Together (Xbox One):

1) Sign into your Xbox Live account on your Xbox One;

2) Launch Don't Starve Together and on the game's main menu;

3) Go to the Options screen > Scroll down to "More" > Choose "Submit a Bug Report"

4) Press X to give a short description of the issue (and your forum username if you have reported about the issue on the Xbox One DST forums or the Xbox One DST Bug Tracker);

5) Once ready to submit, press A to send us copies of your save files as well as the description. (This may take about a minute to upload the files). Our team will be able to get these files immediately on our servers for investigation. Thank you for your assistance and patience while we investigate these reports.

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