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Players can walk

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I think it would be cool if players can have the ability to walk then players don't have to always jog around! It could be a button to toggle between walking & jogging like in most games!

Walking could make the player move 25% slower than the standard jog, but in return maybe players can get a tiny sanity boost or their hunger drains a bit slower? Or it could have no positive effect other than self satisfaction!

I mean Klei already added a new walking animation for sinkholes which is rarely played unless your world is infested in sinkholes (which you would have to play for a very long time), walking wouldn't be a super hard thing to do with their elite animators & I'm sure lot of people would like to walk around stylishly in their bases with a cane, tophat & fully grown beard like a true gentleman scientist would :wilson_bearded:.


I hope I'm not the only one who'd like the ability to walk :wilson_laugh:! Well thanks for reading this suggestion, have a good day/night :wilson_smile:!

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