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How do i make non edible food (nightmare fuel) be edible ?

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Im making a char and after some work i got how to add upgrades like wx but i cant add them to nightmare fuel cause its not edible , how can i make it edible like in wx's case ?

hiroki_none.pngLooks better in game i swear >.<

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As you can see in gears.lua   


inst.components.edible.foodtype = FOODTYPE.GEARS

just change the FOODTYPE.


to make a custom foodtype, you can do


then add a function to component 'eater' with AddComponentPostInit

    function Eater:SetCanEatFuel()
        table.insert(self.preferseating, FOODTYPE.FUEL)
        table.insert(self.caneat, FOODTYPE.FUEL)

and call this function after eater is added to your character prefab, just like wx78.lua do.


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