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The farming overlay and the harvest tool overlay should be merged

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There has already been an overlay for the harvest tool since before the farming overlay was added. It only shows which plants have been marked for auto-harvest and which haven't, which is actually something that the farming overlay doesn't. However, even now that the farming overlay was added, opening the harvest tool only shows which plants have been marked for harvest and which haven't, even though the information from the farming overlay would be very useful while choosing which plants to set to auto-harvest and which not. Since the harvest tool overlay simply marks all plants in the same color, it can be hard to distinguish which are stifled and inexperienced players might not even be aware that some plants are having problems with growth. So as the title of this thread states, I think the information from the current harvest tool overlay should be added to the farming overlay and the farming overlay should be opened when using the harvest tool.
Here are images of the two overlays:The spelling in the colony name might be incorrect but at least it rhymes

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