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Chemical industry

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Well... I feel lack of actual chemistry in this game. As soon as I get how to mod the game, I will implement it myself, but here is the idea:




So... What are we going to do? We'll need a chemical rector:


It has two input vents - one for gas and one for liquid - and thwo output vents - one with a product and one with sludge. The sludge is toxis, it generates mustard gas and you don't want it to reach any corpse or a living dupe - it would produce a horrible toxic mutated zombie from the outer space, shoting lasers (alternatively acidic puke) out of their mouth or something.

And... What would we actually produce?

Natural gas + water -> sulpharic acid + sludge

Supharic acid + uranium ore (that is manually inserted) -> uranium + sludge

I hope we all remember this.

Chlorine + sandstone (better introduce some chalk) -> bleachstone + sludge

Sulpharic acid + bleachstone -> chloric acid + sludge

Natural gas + chloric acid -> PCV (that simply falls out like algae from the biodistiller and is used for hazmats that we all want) + sludge

Natural gas + hydrogen -> liquid fuel (benzin) + sludge

Well, we could use a simple petrol generator too and this could be made straight from the hydrogen/gas generator. This could produce ridicolous ammounts of power in short peroid of time, despite fo being economical failures in a long run. They could be both manually (with bottled fuel) or via pipe loaded with fuel.

And, when overheated, those things should explode in a blaze of glory toxic gases.

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I think its a good idea, but i would simply your idea. Nice you can have one powered by water and other by gas:

Both need:

-input: 30kg stone bleach

-Liquid + gas:

-Input: polluted Water + Natural Gas

-Output: Sludge (only output by extraction: Chlorine)

-Only gas:

-input: Oxygen + Natural Gas

-Output: Sludge (only output by extraction: Chlorine) + Hydrogen(by extraction)

- water+Natural gas: Sludge ----> it produces chlorine. ( Its easy to get in the patch).

Other changes:

- Increases heat.

- Decoration: -18

- Power Needed: -240W



1) It can research an other buildings to produces electricity, algae,  or something like that, but all with chlorine..(You need create other builds to use in a patch)i

2) Used only like generator of electricity.(simply to get in the patch).


if u want do the other buildngs.. 

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I know that is not real.. but stone bleach create too chlorine.. so you just need input like a one ingredient more and u have the cloro in the output. i think u would do something with chlorine.. for example: cloro can potabilize the polluted water..

So with chemistry you can reserch something like that a purifying plant, a power plant,  may with the new upgrade you can use the chlorine to remove the germs too.. i just want give some ideas to improve this lovely game..

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