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Loading of Dont Starve Together World failed

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When I try to load my DST Server, it says: "WARNING! [string "scripts/saveindex.lua"]:276: SaveIndex:GetSaveData: Encoded save data is empty on load" and some code lines. Also the day counter shows one, what is definetely wrong. I also loaded the world before with no problems. I searched in my documents path, and I found the world in the save files, here the path:  



I hope someone here can help me.


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I had that once as well. Pretty much the entire world was empty all of the sudden. Luckily I had a backup from an earlier state of that world, so I was able to bring that one back in.

Otherwise you might be able to look through your saves and find a way to revert to an earlier save that is not empty manually, although I've never done that sucessfuly.

Good luck :D

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