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Much help needed with custom character

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So, a long time ago when I got into DST I started making a custom character. I'd done a lot of the basic legwork but had a couple of problems getting it to work.

Recently I've wanted to finish the character so I can get back into the game. but it was so long ago I can't remember most of the details.
I was trying to go over what I've done and refresh modding in my mind so that I could post about it again and see if I could fix the problems with my character.

But before I even do that, I had another problem loading the game.
This is with ONLY the custom character on, I get this error screen when trying to enter the world with that character.


I'd wager this is because the file I was working on is pretty old, and I haven't been on the game in a while.

Can anyone help me get around this problem first of all so I can actually look into the other problems? XD

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People will be able to help you more if you give more informations. In this case : copy the log (just in case there is more information in it), attach your mod.

Also, are you using a code to give an item to your character at spawn or something like this ? If yes, copy this code too.

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Thanks @Lumina.

I didn't include much else because I wasn't sure what files are relevant. As I mentioned I don't rememebr much about what I was doing or how modding happens since its been a while.
I don't think I had included any code but maybe I did. Could it be that I'd tried to give my character an item from another mod?
I assume I have to provide the mod in zip form.
Didn't know about there being a log either, I'll find that using the guide you provided

There, attached the files, hope it's all I needed.
It hadn't occurred to me before you mentioned it, but it is likely that I did try to include an item from another mod, and sicne I was starting with ONLY mine in an attempt to keep it clean, I broke it :3
I just didn't know where in the files the part with the mod item would be. like I said it's been a while... I am ALL rust.
While you look these over, I'll turn on the other mods I think it could include and try loading again





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1 minute ago, Lumina said:

Ok, this is good to know. There is a way to add a check to verify if another mod is enabled, so you can ensure compatibility between two mods.

But i don't remember it at the moment.

That's okay. It sounds like that would be better for me to look into later on anyway. For now I want to try and make sure I have the graphics in order, figure out how to set up custom skills and all that.
The actual problems I wanted to work on were
A) the tail of the character being offset from where it's supposed to be
B) white anti-aliasing edge around the character (at least when zoomed out)
But I think those topics are more relevant elsewhere. I can probably find existing topics on them

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Having another problem today
Not getting the same error as before (unless I forget to turn that other mod character on :P), but the game is stuck on a screen before entering the game

i was trying to set up a game to finally play for a change but needed to start a vanilla game, then turn on my character, then turn on every mod I want one at a time.

but after getting on my character it's already stopped DX
So what happens is after clicking to enter the world, it has a screen that is a shot of the woodland and not the 'characters falling into the portal' screen. It just stays on this view of the woodland. I really don't know what's happening here since I am not receiving an error message, but I left it for like 20 minutes to make sure it wasn't just taking a while.


The only things I've done since getting in to the game with the character last, was continuing to try and fix the missplaced tail. I made sure all was in place on Spriter and then edited the .xml files in the exported zip just to make sure they were all using the right co-ordinates. They were. So I don't think I even changed anything?
I did delete the character folder in the Anim folder so that the recompiler would... recompile them XD

Hope that provides some help. Attaching the log and mod itself.


Okay so I deleted ALL the zips in the Anim folder and then ran the recompile manually (rather than loading the game) and somehow it's working now :/
Still wouldn't mind some second opinions onto why this happened



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