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Contextual Hotkeys for Priority

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I find myself wishing I could use hotkeys to set priority when I have a tool selected.

For example, I press D to dig, but have to use the mouse to click on the priority button to change it from 5.  Instead, could you make the NumPad keys change the priority when a tool is selected?  Then I could just hit D, for Dig, and then 8 for priority to 8.  It's just faster than having to fiddle with the mouse.

Would also be nice to be able to set a default priority for each tool that is persistent.

Really enjoying the game so far, keep up the good work!

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56 minutes ago, Billy Mays said:

What happened to these anyway? I thought I saw them demoed in one of the Rhyme's With videos. Was really looking forward to this... :?

I think it only works for the priority overlay

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